Faux Leather Moto Leggings

I took a risk and used my faux leather fabric to make leggings. Most legging patterns (including the one I used, the free Peg Legs pattern by Patterns for Pirates) require fabric with at least 50% 4-way stretch. This fabric was not that; it was 30% 2-way stretch.

I modified the pattern to accommodate for the lack of stretch:
  • Raised the front and back about an inch
  • Added a soft elastic at the waist (below the waistband)
Now, to transform the leggings from plain to moto, I followed the tutorial provided by So Sew English Sew-a-Longs. Basically, here’s what I did:
  1. Split the pattern into two for a front a back (instead of the one leg piece)
  2. Split the front into four – upper, thigh (which is the moto patch), knee and calf
  3. Created a slightly larger copy of the moto patch pattern
  4. Used coverstitch (2-needle) machine to create “tunneling” for the moto patch
  5. Sew all pieces together

And done!

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